Two-time world champion in swimming Yevgeny Rylov shared his opinion about possible problems with holding the Olympics in Tokyo in 2021 due to coronavirus.

“I have heard various conversations about the Olympics next year. Of course, all this has occurred to me, especially when you consider the losses incurred by Tokyo 2020 as an organizer. But now nothing is known, even it is unclear when the quarantine will end.

There will be no Olympics next year – Yes, I will be upset, but there is nothing I can do about it. It is clear that the plans were different, but they will have to change depending on how it will be there.

I’m not afraid to go out to train and to call on the database if you open them in the near future. The most common precautions, if they are followed, if everything is well organized and if all the guys follow them, they will help protect themselves from the coronavirus,” Rylov said.

Svetlana Romashina: “After the postponement of the Olympics, nothing is scary anymore. I don’t know if I’ll be strong enough for next year».

Five-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming Svetlana Romashina commented on the postponement of the world aquatics Championships in Fukuoka, Japan, to 2022.

“To be honest, after the postponement of the Olympics, I am not afraid of anything, absolutely. For an athlete, the most important start is the Olympic games, and this is why I returned to the big sport after the birth of my child. This is exactly what I’m waiting for.

After the quarantine, we will all go out to train, but I don’t know if we will have enough strength for the next year, or even if we will have enough strength at all.

The season should start somewhere in September, but we can’t afford to rest until then. So either the season will be very long, or it will have to be broken up somehow and go on vacation for two weeks in August. It will be up to the coaches to decide, but now something is becoming clear.

Fortunately, we already have all the licenses, but I wonder how the next competitions will be arranged – the World series, the Olympic selection. Depending on this, coaches will decide when to go out, what to do and what schedule to work on.

The situation when you do not know what to do and where to run, adds to the discomfort. Now not only athletes, the whole world is in this situation.

Today I understand that there is a life outside of sports. If before the birth of a child, sports were in the first place for me, and I could not imagine a day without training, today I am quite calm about everything.

Many people are waiting for the resumption of European and world football – everyone wants a spectacle, positive. But today we are primarily talking about health. Yes, I would be very happy if the Olympics were held in 2020, even in December, but nothing can change, ” Romashina said.