This is a sport, the meaning of which is that athletes compete by performing various extreme tricks on special bicycles. There are the following disciplines:

Racing-races that differ in their entertainment. No more than 8 athletes can participate in each race. The track consists of an embankment with bends, jumps, waves and other obstacles.
Flatland-tricks are performed on a flat surface.
Vert-tricks are performed on a vertical ramp.
Dirt-participants perform extreme stunts on a special track that has quite significant hills.
Street-competitions take place on a special platform equipped for an ordinary street, with all the resulting obstacles in the form of a curb, stairs, railings, and other things.

In this sport 5 sets of Olympic medals are awarded in the following types:

Single among men.
Men’s doubles.
Single among women.
Women’s doubles.
Mixed pair.
During the game, 5 players from each team participate on the field. The goal of each athlete is to get the ball into the basket more times than the opponent. Both men’s and women’s teams participate in the main world Olympiad.

Boxers took part in the games for the first time in 1902. Female athletes were able to perform for the first time only in 2012. A total of 13 Olympic awards are applied to this sport. Athletes are divided into categories by weight. Female athletes have 3 categories, while men are divided into 10.

Track Cycling
There are 10 disciplines in total:

The Australian pursuit is a type of competition where competitors must start from different places on the track at the same time. Those who are overtaken during the race are eliminated from the track. The winner is the one who was last on the bike track.
Git is an individual type of competition, the meaning of which is to overcome the track extremely quickly.
The points race is also an individual sport. The length of the track is 40 km for men and 25 km for women. Every 10 laps, the first gets 5 points, the second – 3, the third – 2, and the fourth-1. The winner is the one who scored the maximum number of points on the result of the entire distance.
A race with an unknown finish-the peculiarity of it is that athletes do not know what the distance will be. The final round is announced by the authorized person only during the competition.
Pursuit – cyclists must start from different sides of the track. The goal of the competition is to show the shortest time or overtake the opponent.
Keirin is a race in which athletes are required to travel a certain distance at a given speed. And then just speed up and complete the final sprint.
Madison — a group race of two or three athletes per team.
Omnimum — one discipline that immediately includes 6 other disciplines of track Cycling.
The scratch race is 15 km long for men and 10 km long for women. If an athlete is one lap behind the others, they are eliminated from the race. The winner is the one who came to the finish line as the leader or overtook all competitors for a lap.
A sprint is a short race. The competition takes place in just a few laps.