The head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, spoke about the distribution of funds allocated to support sports in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

“The IOC has already distributed $ 100 million in accordance with the program to support the Olympic movement. This is part of the $ 800 million support package that was approved.

43 million were transferred to international federations, the rest to national Olympic committees, ” Bach said.

Thomas Bach: “Boycotts in sports give nothing but pain to athletes and the population of the boycotting country»

The head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, spoke about the attitude to the boycott of the 1980 summer Olympics in Moscow.

– You represented German athletes at the open debate about the boycott of the Olympics in Moscow, what are your memories of this?

– It was a very heated debate, especially among athletes. At the first meeting, I was elected head of the athletes ‘ Committee and immediately asked to accept my resignation if the majority of athletes were in favor of a boycott. In the end, we came out with a United front – most of the athletes spoke in favor of a trip to Moscow. But in society, this was sometimes not so clearly perceived. We thought we were fighting for the right course, but sometimes I heard accusations that I was a Communist, that I was responsible for the fate of all people in the socialist bloc, and so on.

At the second meeting, where high-ranking West German military personnel were invited, we were shown a map with tanks, pipelines and other things, told the scenarios (of the conflict) and concluded all this with the words: “If you want to risk unleashing World war III, then a trip to Moscow is a good idea,” he added: “For a very long time, no Western athlete or official will set foot on Moscow soil.” But two months later, the first of them were already there (under the IOC flag).

– After 40 years, do you think that the boycott achieved any goals?

– He achieved nothing at all. And this was recognized by all the main figures of that time in Germany, who admitted to me a couple of months later that they made a mistake when they were under pressure from Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, who was in favor of a boycott. But even he, in 2008, admitted this mistake.

Look at the facts: the Soviet army, whose invasion of Afghanistan was the cause of the boycott, remained there for more than nine years. Athletes from many countries were victims not only of the boycott in 1980, but also of the counter-boycott in 1984, which was a revenge (social camp). Two generations of athletes were deprived of the Olympic dream, it turned out that they had been preparing for… nothing for years.

Anyone who thinks about boycotts should learn from this historical example – boycotts in sports do nothing but hurt the athletes and the population of the (boycotting) country, which is deprived of the opportunity to share pride and success with their Olympic team. The boycott goes against the whole spirit of the Olympic movement, all the values that we have and fight for in sport, ” Bach said.