The President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, responded to calls to cancel the 50th paragraph of the rules of the Olympic Charter, which prohibits political demonstrations during the Games. Earlier, the head of World Athletics, Sebastian CoE, said that the IOC should not punish athletes who demonstrate their political views, given the demonstrations of participants in the black Lives Matter movement. But Bach did not agree with CoE.

“The Olympic games are primarily about sport. Athletes are a symbol of form, solidarity and peace. They show respect for each other, demonstrating political neutrality.

The power of unity in Games can only work if everyone respects each other and shows solidarity. Otherwise, the Olympics will turn into a demonstration square. This will not unite the world, ” Bach wrote in his column on the pages of the Guardian.

The IOC will make sure that Belarus does not discriminate against athletes for their political views

The Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has received an interim report on the situation of athletes in the Republic of Belarus.

By its decision of October 7, the IOC Executive Committee initiated an investigation into the compliance of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of the Republic of Belarus with the Olympic Charter. In response to requests from the IOC, detailed information on this issue was provided by both the NOC and the NOC athletes ‘ Commission, and guarantees were obtained for the NOC’s full compliance with the Olympic Charter.

However, the IOC, while again expressing serious concern about the overall situation of the sports community in Belarus, will continue to monitor the situation of Belarusian athletes in the run-up to the Olympic games in Tokyo and Beijing and remains open to any additional information regarding political discrimination against athletes under the jurisdiction of the NOC.

“The IOC is a civil non-governmental organization and its mandate is limited to sports. The IOC has neither the mandate nor the ability to change laws or political systems, including those of a sovereign country, and therefore will not comment on political developments in any country.

The IOC takes very seriously its responsibility to ensure that the NOCS of all countries comply with the Olympic Charter, and as a result, athletes under their leadership can compete without discrimination. In particular, not to be discriminated against for their political views, ” the IOC press service said in a statement.