The Executive Committee of the European table tennis Union (ETTU), against the background of the growing number of cases of coronavirus in Poland and current restrictions on movement between countries, decided to postpone the continental Championships in Warsaw. The tournament was scheduled to take place on September 15-20.

“The safety of players, coaches, officials, volunteers and staff is our top priority,” said ETTU President Ronald Kramer. ” over the past six months, the Polish side has done a lot of work to prepare for the European championship. Since not all national federations will be able to participate in the competition, this tournament will not be fair. This is also why the Executive Committee decided to revise the terms.

ETTU noted that Poland was sympathetic to the postponement of the competition. Updated dates for the European championship will be announced later.

“It’s a shame that fans of our sport won’t be able to come to Warsaw in September,” said Dariusz Schumacher, head of the Polish table tennis Federation.

The ETTU Congress, scheduled for September 16 in Warsaw, has also been postponed. As part of the event, the election of the President of the organization was to be held. The new terms and format of the ETTU Reporting and election Congress will be announced soon.

ISU has released a calendar for the season in speed skating and short track

The international skating Union (ISU) has approved and officially published the competition calendar for the 2020/21 season. The schedule of upcoming starts was given to skaters and short track masters. However, changes are still possible.

As noted in the ISU, adjustments can be made at any time. In the conditions of continuing restrictions related to crossing state borders, as well as the epidemiological situation, which differs greatly in different countries and is constantly changing, it is not necessary to say with full confidence that all the competitions listed in the calendar will be able to be held on time and in full.

Moreover, even in the official schedule of the International skating Union, there are gaps. In particular, the dates of the two February stages of the short track world Cup have not been determined yet. One of the starts is to be held in Dresden, Germany, and the venue for the second one has not yet been announced.

The first international speed skating competitions are scheduled to take place in Minsk in August. On September 6-8, a tournament organized by the Russian Federation is scheduled – on these dates, the “Summer Cup” of the Russian skating Union will be held in Kolomna.

The schedule of the world Cup in speed skating so far looks like this:

Stage 1 November 13-15 (Tomaszow, Poland)

Stage 2 November 20-22 (Stavanger, Norway)

Stage 3 November 28-29 (Minsk, Belarus)

Stage 4 December 4-6 (salt lake city, USA)

Stage 5 December 11-13 (calgary, Canada)

Stage 6 February 17-18 (Chunqing, China)

Final 6-7 March (Heerenveen, Netherlands).

A little earlier, Heerenveen will also host the European championship – it will be held from January 8 to 10.

The test competition at the Olympic oval in Beijing is scheduled from February 25 to 28, 2021. On these dates, the ice rink, which will host the 2022 winter Games, will host the world Championships in individual distances.

In Russia, a total of 10 speed skating tournaments will be held under the auspices of the ISU. Most of them are scheduled on ice in Kolomna near Moscow (September 6-8, October 9-11 and 20-23, November 12-15, January 18-21, March 18-20). Two starts are expected in Chelyabinsk (October 6-8, December 8-10). The Russian Cup stage will be held in Saint Petersburg on November 25-28, and a marathon on lake Baikal is planned for February 26-27.