The program of The games in Paris is becoming clearer and clearer. And not everyone will like it
The international Olympic Committee (IOC) held a meeting of the Executive Committee. As it is now usual — in online mode. The topics covered were very different. Of course, we talked about racism. Where now without it.

We discussed new candidates for the IOC . Among them, by the way, is the well-known Sebastian CoE. Who, as Vice-President of the International athletics Federation (WA), miraculously turned out to be almost the only one who did not know about the monstrous doping and corruption schemes in the Federation. It happens, doesn’t it? White crow among the hyenas. Now he will almost certainly be not only the President of WA, but also a member of the world’s main sports organization.

But the most interesting of the results of the Executive Committee — changes in the program of the Olympic games.

There will be fewer Olympians
IOC chief Thomas Bach said that starting from Paris-2024, the number of athletes will be limited to 10,500 people. In Rio 2016, for comparison, there were 12,5 thousand. It turns out that the number of quotas will be reduced and it will become even more difficult to get to the main sports event.

At the same time, almost all federations are aimed at increasing the number of disciplines. This will not affect the quantitative quota in any way — all the same athletes will compete for new medals. The most popular option is the introduction of mixed disciplines. If earlier mixed teams at the Olympics were only in tennis, now even in athletics, swimming, diving, ping-pong and badminton.

And this is only a summer program. In principle, team competitions can be held in any individual sport. It is more difficult to play games, but it is impossible for women to physically compete with men, such is the nature. But the trend is now such that we can come to this at some point.

As for the immediate future-the Olympic games in Paris, the IOC still supports the inclusion of skateboarding, rock climbing, surfing and breakdancing in the program. The issue is almost resolved, and everything will be officially announced at the next meeting of the Executive Committee — in December.

At the same time, once again the question mark is put in front of weightlifting. The reason for this is a recent report on this sport by another of our good friends, Richard McLaren. According to Bach, the scale of the violations shocked him.

Tahiti will host the Olympic games
The IOC now faces a difficult choice. On the one hand, 40 hidden positive doping tests during the presidency of Tamash Ayan are a good reason to think about the image of weightlifting, on the other hand, the barbell is one of the main types of the Olympic program. Her complete exclusion will surely lead to a big scandal. Especially with the refreshment of the program in the IOC is not all right yet. Think of the same Golf at the Rio Olympics that all the stars just ignored.

Skateboarding or surfing, which for most people involved in them is just a fan and lifestyle, are also not obvious stories. It is significant that back in 2015, skateboarders wrote a petition with the slogan “No skateboarding at the Olympic games”, because “it will change its identity and freedom”. Many wave-breakers think the same way. And if the stars score again at the Olympic games — it will be a reputational blow for the IOC.

Breakdancing is still the same attempt to hook young people. Hopeless or not, time will tell. But right now, even the phrase “Olympic champion in breaking” makes many people smile. In this sense, weightlifting is much more status-oriented. Another thing is that now not so many people believe in its purity.