Summer Olympic sports include four times as many disciplines as winter sports. This makes them more large-scale and spectacular. Athletes come from all continents to demonstrate their abilities and set new world records.

In order to get an honorary and prestigious right to host a sports competition, all candidates undergo a strict, step-by-step selection process. The country that had the honor to host the Olympics is thoroughly preparing for such an event: new stadiums, hotels, and airports are being built. It takes seven years.

The sports that are included in the Olympic games program are at the highest prestigious level. In order to get such recognition, the sports field must be spread across all continents and have its own Federation. And the International Olympic Committee has a rule:

Academic rowing

It is a water sport that entered the first Olympics in 1896, immediately after the Olympic movement objected. However, for a long time it was considered exclusively male. Women were only able to participate for the first time in 1976.
The peculiarity of academic rowing is that athletes in their boats move along the water surface with their backs. The teams are different: one, two, four and eight people. Extreme competitions in 2016 brought together 550 athletes.
The first mention of rowing as a sport dates back to the XXV century BC.


c2po by historical standards, the sport is quite new. In the middle of the XIX century, the British military brought it from India. At first, a fun game was played without a net, just throwing a shuttlecock with rackets. Then we decided to divide the field with a grid, and improved the rules.
Already in 1934, the world badminton Federation was established. Quite large competitions have started to be held.
I entered the program of the Olympiad in 1992. Before that, it remained a demonstrative view. Currently, competitions include singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.

This game has received tremendous development in the United States, but did not have its own Federation, and therefore could not participate in the Olympics. Basketball players from the United States conducted a demonstration of the game.
Since 1932, basketball was included in the program of the Olympics, where the palm of the championship was immediately picked up by athletes from the United States. This country is always in the lead, and only sometimes concedes the first place in international competitions. Women only joined the Olympics in 1976, and are also permanent leaders.
The rules of the game are periodically changed, the last made in 2004. At the same time, there are ten people on the site, five from each team. Everyone is trying to throw the ball into the opponents ‘ basket.


For a long time, since 1904, baseball players have shown their level and skills in demonstration performances. There really was something to show them. Quite complex rules, an interesting platform consisting of numerous zones, professionals from different continents.
But the year 1992 came, and the athletes were included in the official competitions and received their first medals. But something went wrong: in 2005, it was decided to remove baseball from the list of Olympic disciplines. However, in 2016 they returned it back.