The International Ski Federation (FIS) has canceled the Alpine Ski World Cup in North America due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the FIS website.
It is noted that the decision was made after consultations with the national federations of Canada and the United States, as well as the organizers of the competition.
For women, stages in the American Killington (slalom and giant slalom, November 28-29) and Canadian Lake Louis (speed disciplines, December 1-6) were canceled.
In the men’s competition, the stages in Lake Louis (speed disciplines, November 25-29) and American Beaver Creek (technical disciplines, December 1-6) will not take place.
The changes in the calendar must be approved by the FIS Council, which will meet from September 30 to October 2.

Olympic badminton champion Takahashi retires

The Japanese Olympic champion in badminton Ayaka Takahashi has retired.
In 2016, at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Takahashi became the doubles champion along with Misaki Matsutomo. Takahashi, 30, has made the decision not to wait to defend the title at the postponed 2021 home Olympics in Tokyo.
“After I won the gold medal in Rio, I struggled to maintain my mood. I doubt my inner fire and body will last another year,” said Takahashi, quoted by the AFP.

Takahashi also revealed that she is now going to work on popularizing badminton.

Spectators may be admitted to the match for the 2020 UEFA Super Cup

The match for the 2020 UEFA Super Cup, which will be held in Budapest, may have a limited number of spectators, according to the official website of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).
The situation with the admission of fans to the stands was one of the topics of discussion on Wednesday during a video conference with the 55 secretaries general of the UEFA member associations. The union noted that it would be too early to organize the launch of spectators for the national teams in the League of Nations, which will be held in early September, and that a series of test matches should be held to assess the direct impact of spectator presence on existing medical protocols.
The match between the winners of the Champions League and the Europa League is due to take place in the Hungarian capital on September 24, and, as noted in the release, this match may be the first in which a certain number of fans will be allowed into the stands.
Also, the conference participants emphasized that admission of fans is possible only if strict sanitary and hygiene measures are taken during the coronavirus pandemic in order to guarantee the safety of health of all match participants.
They also discussed the problems that players may have when returning from clubs to national teams due to the difficulties of crossing borders and the possible need to stay in quarantine. Associations were recommended to ask their governments to make exceptions for players, to create so-called international corridors for them. It is noted that the fact that players are regularly tested for coronavirus ensures that they do not pose a risk to others. At the same time, associations will be given the opportunity to ask for a match on a neutral field if conditions in the host country could jeopardize the match.
The results of the discussions will be presented to the UEFA Executive Committee in the coming days, which will take the final decision.