The third racket of the world, Dominic Thiem, shared his impressions of the beginning of the offseason and spoke about plans for 2021.

“Finally I’m on vacation! My first Grand Slam in New York, the final in Melbourne and the final – a very successful season came to an end. Now I am planning to rest for 10 days – because of the pandemic it is impossible to go abroad, so I will spend this time at home in Austria.

No training, no meetings, and I’ll just turn on my mobile for a while – I want to fully recharge, since I have big goals for 2021, although no one knows exactly when we will be allowed to start in Australia.

However, some decisions have already been made. From July 23rd I will participate in the Tokyo Olympics! I thought about this for a long time, and next year the Games will finally fit into my calendar. And I look forward to them to compete for the medal. My coach Nicholas Massu won two golds in Athens in 2004, he told me about incredible, amazing emotions. I want to experience them myself. The atmosphere of the Olympics is unique, I want to absorb it all. “

Tim had previously planned to skip the Olympics. In 2020, his two-year agreement with the home tournament in Kitzbühel was still in force, which, before the changes in the calendar of competitions caused by the pandemic, should have taken place in the same period. Tim did not go to the 2016 Games because he preferred the ATP tournaments and the Davis Cup to them.

The US Open champion has also confirmed that he will take part in the Laver Cup in Boston in September.

Aminov on Tokyo 2020: “There is great hope for vaccination and the fact that many people have already acquired immunity”

President of the Federation of Modern Pentathlon of Russia (FSPR) Vyacheslav Aminov shared his expectations for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, which is scheduled for August 2021.

“IOC President Thomas Bach was recently in Japan and assured everyone that the Olympics would be held on time and in a full-fledged format with spectators. As I understand it, there is great hope for vaccination and that many people have already acquired immunity.

As for the competitive calendar, everything is very confusing so far. Just a week ago, the international federation put to a vote the question of holding the World Cup in Mexico in December this year. The vote was almost halved, with only the voice of Executive President Shormann tipping the scales in favor of not hosting the tournament.

There is an example of Poland, which recently hosted the European Youth Championship. Yes, many countries did not come, but the tournament took place, the athletes received competitive practice. We also held the Russian Championship in September, without any negative consequences.

On November 21, the Cup of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was supposed to take place, but here, due to the current restrictions, it was postponed to 2021. In general, I am sure that there will be competitions before Tokyo. Maybe not quite in a full-fledged format, but they will definitely be, ”Aminov said.