Italian track and field athlete Edoardo Melloni became one of the victims of the global coronavirus pandemic and revealed frightening details of how the disease manifests and develops. These include little-known symptoms, coughing up blood, and loss of smell. Melloni also said that experimental therapy is used to treat coronavirus in Italy.

After the coronavirus outbreak in China in December last year, COVID-19 rapidly relocated to Europe, where now the epidemic, despite drastic security measures, is most affected by the Western part of the continent — Italy, Spain, Germany, France and other countries. At the moment, only in Italy, more than 41 thousand cases of infection have been recorded, and the country has surpassed China in the number of deaths — 3.4 thousand patients died in the Apennines as a result of the disease.

The pandemic also affected the Italian sports world. The first infected became known at the end of February — they were three players of the football club “Pyanze”, which plays in Serie C, the third most important division of the country. Later, the virus was found in two players of Juventus Turin-defender Daniele Rugani (Cristiano Ronaldo’s neighbor in the dressing room) and midfielder Blaise Matuidi. But the largest number of infected people turned out to be in “Sampdoria”, where 15 cases have already been recorded.

Now in Italy, all sports and entertainment events have been canceled,and there is a strict quarantine.

One of the Italians who picked up COVID-19 was track and field athlete Edoardo Melloni. He, unlike most infected athletes, who have the disease is asymptomatic, everything was difficult for him. The athlete told about the circumstances of his hospitalization and the first signs of the disease, admitting that he did not fully comply with the quarantine, and the infection, according to his assumptions, occurred in the metro.

“I isolated myself long before quarantine became mandatory for some regions. I worked at home and went early in the morning to train at Parco Nord (a large Park on the territory of Milan. — “Газета.Ru”). One day I had to go to work, and to return, I took the subway. I believe that I was infected there, because the signs appeared three days later, ” AIPS Media quotes the runner as saying.

According to Melloni, the symptoms of coronavirus are subjective and each person manifests differently — they became more and more intense in him. Among the most unusual is the effect of the disease on the smell and taste receptors.

“It all started with a banal fever, a temperature of 37.5 and a small cough. Over time, a strong and dry cough began to continuously last for five to ten minutes. During one of these cases, I found myself coughing up blood. Another symptom that should not be underestimated is a complete or partial loss of the senses of taste and smell, which can occur in people who have no other signs of infection.

As far as I understand, the loss of taste can be complete. Until now, some people can’t distinguish between a piece of chocolate, boiled carrots or pasta with sauce, ” the athlete explained.

The loss of taste and smell as little-known symptoms of COVID-19 was also described by Hendrik Strick from the Institute of Virology in Bonn. The expert clarified that about two-thirds of the respondents indicated them. According to other studies conducted by Chinese scientists, usually patients infected with coronavirus show only minor signs of the disease.

Despite the growing number of patients in the Old World, there have also been significantly increased cases of recovery — in Italy, there are almost 4.5 thousand.

Melloni in his interview also touched on the topic of treatment, saying that most hospitals use experimental therapy, which is widespread in Wuhan, where the coronavirus was first detected. However, this method of treatment involves some consequences.

“This is a combination of medications used to treat arthritis and HIV-infected patients. Medications are hydroxychloroquine and lopinavir or ritonavir. Among the side effects they report is dysentery that occurred on the first day. From the second day you feel much better.

Now I am fine and do not feel any additional effects on my body. Fortunately, I got to the hospital in time and I hope that I will leave its walls soon, ” the athlete shared.

According to official statistics, the number of people infected with the coronavirus increased to 240 thousand worldwide on March 20, more than 9 thousand patients died, while 85 thousand recovered. To date, COVID-19 has infected at least 112 people in one way or another related to sports. Most of all-Italians and Spaniards. 4 people died.