Japanese official urged to hold the Olympics in Tokyo at any cost

Japanese Minister for the Olympics and Paralympics Seiko Hashimoto said that the summer Olympic games in Tokyo should be held at all costs, even despite the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection. Recall that the Games were originally scheduled to take place in July-August 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, they were postponed to 2021.

“All the people who are involved in the Games work together and prepare. The same applies to athletes who are making significant efforts in the current circumstances. We must hold the Olympics at any cost, ” Kyodo quoted the official as saying.

Earlier, the Vice-President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), John Coates, assured that the summer Olympic games in Tokyo will be held regardless of the situation with the coronavirus.

Vice-President of the IOC: Tokyo Olympics to be held regardless of coronavirus

Vice-President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) John Coates assured that the summer Olympic games in Tokyo will be held regardless of the situation with the coronavirus. Recall that the Games were originally scheduled to take place in July-August 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, they were postponed to 2021.

“The Olympics will be held – with or without coronavirus. The games will begin on July 23, 2021. These will be the Games that won COVID-19, the light at the end of the tunnel.

In some countries, the situation with the pandemic will be under control, in some-not. Athletes from both countries will come to the Olympics. The host country will face a serious challenge, ” the official was quoted as saying by AFP.

Earlier, the head of the world anti-doping Agency, Witold Banka, threatened the United States with suspension from the Olympics.

The United States has long been lit up in an unhealthy interest in international sports institutions

Honorary member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Vitaly Smirnov commented on the conflict between the United States and the world anti-doping Agency (WADA). Earlier, the head of WADA, Witold Banka, threatened the United States with suspension from the Olympic games if it refused to Finance the organization, after the drug enforcement Administration called on the US Congress to consider refusing to Finance WADA if the organization does not carry out reforms.

“So far, this is a requirement of politicians. We do not interact with the political bodies of countries, but with affiliated members – national Olympic committees, whose position should be considered, but we do not see it now.

So far, this is a requirement of politicians. We do not interact with the political bodies of countries, but with affiliated members – national Olympic committees, whose position should be considered, but we do not see it now.

Similar calls from congressmen have been made before, remember John McCain. He was known not only for his latest statements, this is the same McCain who investigated the case of corruption in the International Olympic Committee in the late 90’s. Then he advocated the transfer of the IOC to the United States, it was with him that Juan Antonio Samaranch fought. Us congressmen have long been lit up in their unhealthy interest in international sports institutions.

Bayern Munich congratulate Zverev on reaching US Open final

Bayern Munich congratulate Zverev on reaching US Open final 08:59
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Alexander Zverev, Jr. (tennis)
Bayern have congratulated German tennis player Alexander Zverev on reaching the US Open final. In the semifinals, Zverev beat Spaniard Pablo Carrena-Busta (3:6, 2:6, 6:3, 6:4, 6:3).

“What a comeback! Congratulations on your first career Grand slam final! Take it away!”, – said in the publication of the official account of” Bayern ” on Twitter.

Zverev responded to the message from the Munich club on his Twitter account.

“Forward!”, – the tennis player wrote. In the final, Zverev will face Austrian Dominik Thiem, who beat Russian Daniil Medvedev.

The Houston player was suspended until the end of the season. He called a stranger to his room

Houston light forward Daniel house is suspended until the end of the 2019/20 NBA season, according to ESPN.

According to the publication, the player has already left the “bubble” in Orlando. It is reported that the decision was made after an investigation, which revealed that a stranger had been in the basketball player’s room for a long time. According to the rules of the NBA, players can only invite close relatives to the hotel. Earlier in the media, it was reported that house spent the night with a girl who did tests for coronavirus for basketball players.

ESPN claims that house denied any wrongdoing.

In the 2019/20 playoffs, house averaged 11.4 points and 5.8 rebounds per game. His team loses to the Lakers by a score of 1-3 in the second round of the playoffs.

«I’ll be back». Medvedev — after losing in the us Open semifinals

Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev is disappointed to lose to Austrian Dominic Thiem in the us Open semifinals. On Twitter, the Russian thanked the organizers of the tournament and noted that the opponent deserved to win.

«Disappointed. Twice went to the tiebreak. Tim deserved to win. Thank you to the US Open for the last 3 weeks. See you next year. Hopefully with a roaring crowd that loves me. I love new York, ” Medvedev wrote.

Later, he posted an entry on the official page of the tournament with the caption ” I’ll be back “(I’ll be back).

Postponing the Olympics to 2021 is a plus for the Russian national team

The transfer of the summer Olympic games to 2021 is a plus for the Russian women’s Rugby 7 team, it will be able to approach next summer in optimal shape, said RIA Novosti player of the national team and CSKA, three-time European champion Elena Zdrokova.
In June, Russian Rugby players were supposed to take part in the qualification for the Olympics, but the tournament was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The international Olympic Committee (IOC) and the organizing Committee of the Tokyo Games in late March announced the postponement of the summer Olympics to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The games are scheduled to run from July 23 to August 8, 2021.
“The postponement of the Olympics is a plus rather than a minus for us. Players who had injuries – in particular, Alain Tiron-will recover. During this time, on the contrary, we will gain more strength conditions and prepare even better than it could have been this year. Next year we will be stronger, 100%!” said Strokova on the phone.

She also noted that the Russian national team is looking forward to the resumption of international competitions. “We are ready to enter the international arena”, – assured Skokova.
In the off-season, the Rugby player moved from Yenisei-STM to CSKA. The red and blue team won the first two rounds of the Russian championship, and on Sunday they won the national Cup. Strokova is one of the most productive players on the team. “The big break due to the pandemic gave me moral and physical strength. After all, we rested and missed Rugby, hence the energy on the field. Of course, I think I could have played better in the previous rounds, but overall I am still happy – I see that the fans are also happy, and I am very pleased. We have a very good and strong team in CSKA. We try to use the players to the full, reveal the strengths of each, so we get a well-coordinated game. Thanks to the coaches for that,” said Skokova.
“I spent almost two months at home. This gave me a chance to reboot and tune in. I was looking forward to the start of the new season, I was even unsure-I wondered if I had forgotten how to play Rugby. It turns out that I haven’t forgotten. Although we had a difficult first game of the season in Kaluga against VVA-Podmoskovye – we were “wooden” in the field, but then we played out,” the Rugby player added.

Last chance: World Athletics named Russia’s elimination date

The World Athletics Council decided to revoke the membership of the all-Russian athletics Federation (VFL). A fatal event for the domestic Agency will occur if it does not pay a $6.31 million fine by August 15.

There is more clarity around the future of Russian athletics. And it runs the risk of being gloomy and even tragic.

On July 29-30, a regular meeting of the Council of the International Association of athletics federations (World Athletics) was held in the format of a videoconference.the issue of the all — Russian athletics Federation (VFL) was on the agenda, namely, the complete exclusion of the Department from the membership.

Until July 1, Russia was obliged to pay $5 million of the total fine of $10 million, which was imposed on the domestic organization for doping fraud in the “Lysenko case”. The WA Council put forward this requirement at its last meeting on March 11-12 in Monaco, but the VFL has not been able to find money for 3.5 months. According to Yevgeny Yurchenko, who eventually resigned as the Department’s President, the budget was hit hard by the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. But WA refused to meet Russia halfway and temporarily stopped issuing neutral status to domestic track and field athletes. It is thanks to him that athletes in recent years have been able to compete at international competitions, but having lost it in the fall of 2019, in fact, they missed the season.

The results of the World Athletics Board meeting were disappointing: the VFL will be excluded.

But Russia was given the last chance, the last hope of salvation. The execution can be avoided if the VFL strictly by August 15 inclusive pays a $ 5 million fine and another $1.31 million that the WA working group spent on the investigation of the case. In a statement published on the official website of the international Association, it is stated: until the end of the working day on August 15 in Monaco. If the designated amount of money is not credited to the World Athletics accounts by this time, then a Congress will be called, at which the full exclusion of the VFL will be announced. The next meeting of the Congress is scheduled for January 29, 2021, but the international Association is ready to convene it earlier.

In the meantime, Russian track and field athletes who are completely deprived of the opportunity to participate in international competitions can apply for at least neutral status no earlier than in December. To do this, the VFL must provide World Athletics with a clear and concrete plan to restore its status by September 30. If this condition, along with the payment of a fine in time, is met, the Russians will be allowed to compete. And there are certain difficulties with this, because in WA, confidence in the Russian Department has almost completely lost.

The head of the World Athletics working group, rune Andersen, who is dealing with the issue of the VfL status, claims that over the past five years of the ban, during which the domestic athletics Federation is in restricted rights, Russia “almost did not change its culture of athletics” and “did very little” for its rehabilitation. The WA working group, in turn, according to the official, spent “a huge amount of time and effort helping the VFL and all domestic athletics,” to which Russia “reacted inappropriately.” At the same time, the international Association believes that the fine will still be paid on time.

The opening of the main stadium of the 2028 Games is scheduled for September

The SoFi stadium in Los Angeles, which is planned to host the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as football and archery competitions in the 2028 Olympic games, hosted the first athletes after construction work was completed.

The Los Angeles Rams American football teams were the first to take to the turf of the 100,000-seat arena and held a game training session under its arches.

The main “feature” of the sports complex, the cost of which is estimated at about 3 billion dollars, was a truly giant scoreboard “Oculus” (eye – lat.), which has all the chances to get into the Guinness Book of records. It was the multimedia screen that most impressed the players and team representatives.

“This is something incredible,” NBC quoted Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay as saying, ” I loved watching the first reaction of the players after they got on the field. Now they can imagine themselves playing in this beautiful arena every Sunday.

The semi-official opening ceremony of SoFi stadium is scheduled to take place on September 13 as part of the American football match between the Los Angeles Rams and the Dallas Cowboys. Most likely, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the meeting will be held without an audience.

Until 2028, the City of Champions complex will be built around the stadium, including a concert hall with 6,000 seats, a hotel with 300 rooms, 2,500 apartments, as well as office and retail space. Its total area will be almost 120 hectares. It is here that archers will compete for medals during the 2028 Olympic games.

In February 2022, it will host the 56th National football League super bowl final, and in January 2023, it will host the National collegiate athletic Association’s American football playoff games. It is possible that the 2026 FIFA world Cup will also look at “SoFi”.

Initially, the organizing Committee of the 2028 Games planned to hold the opening and closing ceremonies at different arenas: the SoFi stadium and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum – the only sports complex in the world where the Olympic games were held twice: in 1932 and 1984. It will also be used in 2028, but it is not yet known in what capacity.

The European championship and ETTU Congress will not take place as scheduled

The Executive Committee of the European table tennis Union (ETTU), against the background of the growing number of cases of coronavirus in Poland and current restrictions on movement between countries, decided to postpone the continental Championships in Warsaw. The tournament was scheduled to take place on September 15-20.

“The safety of players, coaches, officials, volunteers and staff is our top priority,” said ETTU President Ronald Kramer. ” over the past six months, the Polish side has done a lot of work to prepare for the European championship. Since not all national federations will be able to participate in the competition, this tournament will not be fair. This is also why the Executive Committee decided to revise the terms.

ETTU noted that Poland was sympathetic to the postponement of the competition. Updated dates for the European championship will be announced later.

“It’s a shame that fans of our sport won’t be able to come to Warsaw in September,” said Dariusz Schumacher, head of the Polish table tennis Federation.

The ETTU Congress, scheduled for September 16 in Warsaw, has also been postponed. As part of the event, the election of the President of the organization was to be held. The new terms and format of the ETTU Reporting and election Congress will be announced soon.

ISU has released a calendar for the season in speed skating and short track

The international skating Union (ISU) has approved and officially published the competition calendar for the 2020/21 season. The schedule of upcoming starts was given to skaters and short track masters. However, changes are still possible.

As noted in the ISU, adjustments can be made at any time. In the conditions of continuing restrictions related to crossing state borders, as well as the epidemiological situation, which differs greatly in different countries and is constantly changing, it is not necessary to say with full confidence that all the competitions listed in the calendar will be able to be held on time and in full.

Moreover, even in the official schedule of the International skating Union, there are gaps. In particular, the dates of the two February stages of the short track world Cup have not been determined yet. One of the starts is to be held in Dresden, Germany, and the venue for the second one has not yet been announced.

The first international speed skating competitions are scheduled to take place in Minsk in August. On September 6-8, a tournament organized by the Russian Federation is scheduled – on these dates, the “Summer Cup” of the Russian skating Union will be held in Kolomna.

The schedule of the world Cup in speed skating so far looks like this:

Stage 1 November 13-15 (Tomaszow, Poland)

Stage 2 November 20-22 (Stavanger, Norway)

Stage 3 November 28-29 (Minsk, Belarus)

Stage 4 December 4-6 (salt lake city, USA)

Stage 5 December 11-13 (calgary, Canada)

Stage 6 February 17-18 (Chunqing, China)

Final 6-7 March (Heerenveen, Netherlands).

A little earlier, Heerenveen will also host the European championship – it will be held from January 8 to 10.

The test competition at the Olympic oval in Beijing is scheduled from February 25 to 28, 2021. On these dates, the ice rink, which will host the 2022 winter Games, will host the world Championships in individual distances.

In Russia, a total of 10 speed skating tournaments will be held under the auspices of the ISU. Most of them are scheduled on ice in Kolomna near Moscow (September 6-8, October 9-11 and 20-23, November 12-15, January 18-21, March 18-20). Two starts are expected in Chelyabinsk (October 6-8, December 8-10). The Russian Cup stage will be held in Saint Petersburg on November 25-28, and a marathon on lake Baikal is planned for February 26-27.

Jump into the abyss: how the boycott of the Games in Moscow deprived American Louganis of the all-time record

The boycott of the Moscow Olympics by athletes from the United States led to the failure to establish a significant achievement in diving. If Greg Louganis had not been forced to miss the Games in 1980, he could have ended his career as a six-time Olympic champion, because at that time he had no equal on the international stage. No athlete has ever managed to achieve such a number of titles in this sport.

Louganis started his big international sports career in 1976 – he became the second in the 10-meter high jump at the Olympics in Montreal, where we actually met. Now few people remember that 16-year-old Greg performed at those Games and on the springboard, but there he remained sixth — he was too fragile and light to compete with adult men. But then began a unique winning streak of more than a decade.

The American genius won gold at the 1978 world Championships in West Berlin, four years later, he completed a gold double, becoming the first on the tower and on the springboard at the 1982 world Championships in Guayaquil and repeated this achievement in 1986 in Madrid. The world Championships were held once every four years in those days, so the value of those awards is now seen as very special.

It is common to say about athletes of this scale that they kill their generation of competitors, leaving them no chance to win. But in 1976, after losing in Montreal to the legendary Italian Klaus Dibiasi, Luganis seriously considered killing himself.

His coach-two-time Olympic champion in diving from the tower Sammy Lee-prepared the guy then exclusively for victory and proudly liked to emphasize that at a 10-meter height, his ward has no weak points. Greg really easily won the preliminary series against Dibiasi, but in the final, where the scoring started from zero, he couldn’t cope with his nerves — he failed the final jump.

The Italian, by the way, also failed his attempt, but, unlike the debutant, he had a certain airbag: first, he was a legend on the tower, and secondly, he had already announced his upcoming retirement, and in such cases, the judges are often a little more favorable to titled veterans.

“Sammy was swearing so much, yelling at me so much… This is probably the first time I’ve seen a coach like this. I myself was completely crushed by what had happened. I felt that I let everyone down at once: the coach, the country, my family, friends, people who believed in me… He seemed to himself absolutely meaningless, useless, not worthy of attention and condescension. Feeling all this at the age of 16 was so unbearable that I constantly thought about suicide and at one time was very close to realizing this idea. Well, three and a half years later, when it became known that the decision was made to boycott the Moscow Games, I just lost my mind for a while. I was ready for anything. Up to the change of citizenship,” Luganis later recalled.

The idea to play at the Games for another country seemed very real to Luganis at first: his adoptive father was Greek by nationality and seriously discussed with his son the option of playing in Moscow for the Greek national team. The problem was that my father didn’t have a valid Greek passport. And it would take too much time to process it.

Luganis went to the 1982 world Cup in Guayaquil fantastically motivated. By that time, at the insistence of Sammy Lee, the athlete had changed his coach (Ron O’brien became his new mentor) and was obsessed with paying off Alexander Portnov, the Soviet athlete who, in Luganis ‘ absence, became the Olympic champion in Moscow on the three — meter springboard.

In this discipline, Greg did not perform too often, preferring a 10-meter high springboard, but the 121 points he won against Portnov in Guayaquil spoke for itself. Then, in fact, there was increased talk that the winners of the Moscow Games were incredibly lucky that Luganis did not come to Moscow: they got a chance to win something.

What sports are included in the summer Olympic games

This is a sport, the meaning of which is that athletes compete by performing various extreme tricks on special bicycles. There are the following disciplines:

Racing-races that differ in their entertainment. No more than 8 athletes can participate in each race. The track consists of an embankment with bends, jumps, waves and other obstacles.
Flatland-tricks are performed on a flat surface.
Vert-tricks are performed on a vertical ramp.
Dirt-participants perform extreme stunts on a special track that has quite significant hills.
Street-competitions take place on a special platform equipped for an ordinary street, with all the resulting obstacles in the form of a curb, stairs, railings, and other things.

In this sport 5 sets of Olympic medals are awarded in the following types:

Single among men.
Men’s doubles.
Single among women.
Women’s doubles.
Mixed pair.
During the game, 5 players from each team participate on the field. The goal of each athlete is to get the ball into the basket more times than the opponent. Both men’s and women’s teams participate in the main world Olympiad.

Boxers took part in the games for the first time in 1902. Female athletes were able to perform for the first time only in 2012. A total of 13 Olympic awards are applied to this sport. Athletes are divided into categories by weight. Female athletes have 3 categories, while men are divided into 10.

Track Cycling
There are 10 disciplines in total:

The Australian pursuit is a type of competition where competitors must start from different places on the track at the same time. Those who are overtaken during the race are eliminated from the track. The winner is the one who was last on the bike track.
Git is an individual type of competition, the meaning of which is to overcome the track extremely quickly.
The points race is also an individual sport. The length of the track is 40 km for men and 25 km for women. Every 10 laps, the first gets 5 points, the second – 3, the third – 2, and the fourth-1. The winner is the one who scored the maximum number of points on the result of the entire distance.
A race with an unknown finish-the peculiarity of it is that athletes do not know what the distance will be. The final round is announced by the authorized person only during the competition.
Pursuit – cyclists must start from different sides of the track. The goal of the competition is to show the shortest time or overtake the opponent.
Keirin is a race in which athletes are required to travel a certain distance at a given speed. And then just speed up and complete the final sprint.
Madison — a group race of two or three athletes per team.
Omnimum — one discipline that immediately includes 6 other disciplines of track Cycling.
The scratch race is 15 km long for men and 10 km long for women. If an athlete is one lap behind the others, they are eliminated from the race. The winner is the one who came to the finish line as the leader or overtook all competitors for a lap.
A sprint is a short race. The competition takes place in just a few laps.

The organizing Committee of the Tokyo Olympics did not rule out canceling the Games in 2021

According to the Chairman of the organizing Committee of the summer Olympic games in Tokyo, Yoshiro Mori, it is possible that the Games will not take place in 2021, if the coronavirus pandemic makes it impossible to hold competitions with spectators in the stands. Recall that the Olympics were originally scheduled for the period from July 24 to August 9, 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was postponed to the summer of 2021.

“If it happens that only this [holding Games without spectators] is possible, then we will have to think. In this case, there may be a question of cancellation,” NHK quoted Mori as saying.

It is reported that 66% of Japanese residents polled believe that the Olympics should be postponed (35%) or canceled altogether (31%), and only 26% are in favor of holding the Games at the appointed time: from July 23, 2021.

A third of Japanese believe that the Tokyo Olympics should be canceled

Only 23.9 % of Japanese residents are in favor of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic games in Tokyo, scheduled for next summer. This is evidenced by the Kyodo News poll. The games were postponed for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

36.4 % of respondents believe that the Olympics should be moved again — in their opinion, and in a year the situation with coronavirus will not stabilize enough to hold such a large-scale event.

33.7 % of respondents to the national survey believe that the Games should be canceled altogether. Among the reasons cited are the growth of government spending on the Olympics and the position of citizens to counteract the coronavirus. In their opinion, the government should give priority to the fight against the virus, and not any entertainment events.

In General, more than half of Japanese people are dissatisfied with the government’s actions aimed at fighting COVID-19.

Recall that it was planned that the summer Olympics in Tokyo will be held from July 24 to August 9, 2020, but according to the decision approved by the International Olympic Committee, it was postponed to the same dates in 2021.

Thomas Bach: “The IOC has already distributed 100 million dollars out of 800 in accordance with the program to support the Olympic movement»

The head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, spoke about the distribution of funds allocated to support sports in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

“The IOC has already distributed $ 100 million in accordance with the program to support the Olympic movement. This is part of the $ 800 million support package that was approved.

43 million were transferred to international federations, the rest to national Olympic committees, ” Bach said.

Thomas Bach: “Boycotts in sports give nothing but pain to athletes and the population of the boycotting country»

The head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, spoke about the attitude to the boycott of the 1980 summer Olympics in Moscow.

– You represented German athletes at the open debate about the boycott of the Olympics in Moscow, what are your memories of this?

– It was a very heated debate, especially among athletes. At the first meeting, I was elected head of the athletes ‘ Committee and immediately asked to accept my resignation if the majority of athletes were in favor of a boycott. In the end, we came out with a United front – most of the athletes spoke in favor of a trip to Moscow. But in society, this was sometimes not so clearly perceived. We thought we were fighting for the right course, but sometimes I heard accusations that I was a Communist, that I was responsible for the fate of all people in the socialist bloc, and so on.

At the second meeting, where high-ranking West German military personnel were invited, we were shown a map with tanks, pipelines and other things, told the scenarios (of the conflict) and concluded all this with the words: “If you want to risk unleashing World war III, then a trip to Moscow is a good idea,” he added: “For a very long time, no Western athlete or official will set foot on Moscow soil.” But two months later, the first of them were already there (under the IOC flag).

– After 40 years, do you think that the boycott achieved any goals?

– He achieved nothing at all. And this was recognized by all the main figures of that time in Germany, who admitted to me a couple of months later that they made a mistake when they were under pressure from Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, who was in favor of a boycott. But even he, in 2008, admitted this mistake.

Look at the facts: the Soviet army, whose invasion of Afghanistan was the cause of the boycott, remained there for more than nine years. Athletes from many countries were victims not only of the boycott in 1980, but also of the counter-boycott in 1984, which was a revenge (social camp). Two generations of athletes were deprived of the Olympic dream, it turned out that they had been preparing for… nothing for years.

Anyone who thinks about boycotts should learn from this historical example – boycotts in sports do nothing but hurt the athletes and the population of the (boycotting) country, which is deprived of the opportunity to share pride and success with their Olympic team. The boycott goes against the whole spirit of the Olympic movement, all the values that we have and fight for in sport, ” Bach said.