River and Land Events

RiverLand Events

Riverside Events and Topsail Events & Charters have worked closely together to create a number of unique events combining the best of the river with the best of London’s riverside venues – we call these RiverLand Events. All of these can be tailored to match your requirements or we can come up with something original just for you. All of Riverside’s venues are close to piers and can be combined with just the right vessel to bring a new dimension to your day or evening.

This is the best way to truly make the best of the Thames and London together. RiverLand Events bring life and variety to whatever you want to achieve; the thrill and experience of being on the river should not be underestimated - providing a new perspective and a lasting memory for your guests. Here are some of the ways a RiverLand event can make your booking with us a really special event:

RiverLand Conferences...

Riverside will organise everything for your daytime conference: the venue, catering, AV, logistics, transport, essentially the full production - we can also arrange your accommodation needs too. If you need to entertain your delegates in the evening then there’s no better idea than to get them moving and give them a different type of stimulation after the day’s business. Riverside can get your group onto the Thames to see London from a different angle with the best catering, entertainment and of course views that any visitor to London could hope for. Whether you have 10 or 800 guests Riverside will handle the whole event for seamless continuity and peace of mind.

RiverLand Meetings...

Bored of the same meeting format? As with conferences, RiverLand can get your group onto the river at day’s end efficiently for maximum impact with your event. Or, how about really breaking the day up – give your guests a breather by getting them onto the river over a couple of hours for lunch. The piers are nearby, Topsail have the boats - RiverLand events can provide a breath of fresh air for your next meeting.

RiverLand Team Building...

Compelling Treasure Hunts that make the best of London’s entire Riverscape on land and water; Sailing, kayaking or Powerboating with a fine lunch and/or dinner in your exclusive venue overlooking the river; afternoon shooting on the river then exquisite dining in magnificent armouries….these RiverLand events have been created to make your next event really special.

RiverLand Parties...

If you want to stay on dry land, Riverside are there for you. If you want to be on the river, Topsail are your event organisers. If you want your party to have a bit of both then we’ll get creative for you and think up a RiverLand party. Whether it’s deep south Mississippi style themed steamers to get you to your casino night in dark vaulted rooms, or maybe it will be our ‘Surreal Soiree’ that fires your imagination, it’s definite that RiverLand parties are more fun!

RiverLand Weddings and Receptions...

If your wedding day is on a smaller scale why not get married in a famous drawing room before being escorted to a nearby pier for your reception and a truly unique, once-in-a-lifetime London experience that will thrill your guests and make your day unforgettable – sail slowly through Tower Bridge as she opens up to honour your special day. Perhaps you want to use the river just as a romantic way of getting to your venue or you want your reception afloat, we can help make your dream day work.

RiverLand can also create your perfect Product Launch, Trade Show, Exhibition, or Networking Event.

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